Phoebe Henleigh



Life On A Platter.

We journey to discover the lovely pockets of joy bringing pleasure, smiles and inspiration to our lives. We capture and celebrate beauty in the simplicities and majestic wonders, we experience by chance and in our passionate quest is finding the loveliness of life in living a beautifully inspired. Affirming the universal permission we have to behold a life filled the light of adventure and discovery.

May we inspire you to journey along with us, through our passion of food, vintage heirloom linens, Table life, global culture, farmers markets , inspirational stories, travel journeys, style crush and our very branded lifestyle collections.  

We welcome you to our most passionate beautifully inspired  life on a platter.

Living Beautifully and Inspired.


Phoebe Henleigh

"Come to my table, for it is filled love, laughter,  grace and inspiration." ---P.H.